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In today’s business atmosphere, persistent competition requires increasingly compound application solutions-often spanning organizational and geographic limits. Organizations must develop rising opportunities by quickly adopting innovative technologies, together with web-based solutions.
Around the globe, businesses rely on us to create new capabilities for their application portfolios. Using our full range of services – from custom development of applications, testing and maintenance through package deployment, upgrades and consulting – you can invest more strategically in core business actions, while refining ROI through the use of tight IT budgets.

Services we put forward

Caprium business application services bring IT-enabled solutions by means of the Intellectual Property (IP) formed at our Centers of fineness.

Web application development services

During our web application development and systems integration services, you can achieve consulting and release proficiency in both one after the other. Systems integration and conventional Web application development are our expertise. Our services can assist you drive improvement and develop into innovative markets while reducing overall expenses.

Web application maintenance services

Our Web application maintenance services get the most out of your accessible IT applications through offshore capability investigation, maintainability investigation, maintenance, and development.

Application modernization services

Our application modernization services assist update legacy systems to improve flexibility, moderate risk, reduce disruption and minor costs.

Enterprise application integration (EAI) services

Caprium enterprise application integration (EAI) practice enables you to flawlessly activate business processes by integrating the fundamental applications, facilitating real-time information distribution.

Enactment engineering and enhancement services

Caprium performance engineering and enhancement services more the presentation and scalability of applications across the knowledge heap and application life cycle.

Testing services

Our well-known testing advance employs an extensive variety of industry-standard testing tools that influence recognized methodologies for :

  • Scheduling.
  • Process control.
  • Performance metrics.
  • Test automation.
  • Test execution.
  • Defect tracking and reporting. That translates to better software quality, improved business readiness and a genuine competitive benefit.

All the way through afinestmix of onsite, near shore, and offshore possessions, Caprium’s commercial delivery and sourcing replica balance global attainment with limited accountability.

Application of value management services

Our application value management solutions can facilitate you equilibrium cost, difficulty and capability. What will be the consequences? You extensively decrease cost of ownership, increase service levels and make innovative operational efficiencies.

Web application management and portal development

Caprium business application services bring IT-enabled solutions by means of the Intellectual Property (IP) formed at our Centers of fineness.

Management services for application portfolio

Our application portfolio management services assist you choose on a portfolio policy. Consequently evaluate and rule the portfolio on an unending basis.

Packaged application services

We assist you mechanize your value chain all the way through off-the-shelf application packages. We facilitate you to understand value through inventive and configurable package-centric outcomes.

SOA realization services

Helps organizations plan, expand, test, and organize services to understand a service-oriented architecture.

Solution architecture definition services

It defines the solution architecture necessary to execute business solutions to meet up business necessities, which is also associated with the enterprise architecture.

Architecture assessment services solutions

It offers a total architectural study and estimation of your IT application – focusing on superiority of service (QOS) parameters like performance, scalability, usability and interoperability.

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