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With the Caprium your company benefits from market leading virtualization solutions combined with award-winning programs designed to enable, distinguish, and reward you. As a partner, your company gains exclusive access to resources that will drive both license and service business, create new opportunities, increase profitability and close deals more quickly.

Software Partners
  • Companies who work with us to integrate their software with Caprium are considered Software Partners.
  • Unlike Reseller Partners, there is no formal agreement between the two companies, but each company benefits from the integration. We also list them and display their logos on our Software Partners page.
Distributor Partners
  • Our Distributor Partner program is for companies that are making major investments in pushing their InterWorx offerings, either through significant advertisements/promotions, offering special add-ons, providing exceptional support, or all of the above.
  • Distributor partners also get exclusivity in certain geographic regions.
Reseller Partners
  • Dedicated server providers, VPS/VDS provider or Server Management companies who resell InterWorx Control Panel with their products/services are considered Reseller Partners.
  • Sign up to become a reseller by navigating to our Reseller Program page.
Billing Partners
  • Billing Software Partners are individuals or software companies who created billing portals or other software and have integrated their software with InterWorx through our API.

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Caprium Technology allows businesses to redefine their scope and increase the overall output. We at Caprium Technology build customer relation for our clients that help them improve their way.

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